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Being a caretaker by career as well as in my personal life, I’ve witnessed up close and personal the cost of much needed medical supplies and equipment. Insurances cover the bare minimum but as we all know, sometimes a 30 supply can realistically give you 15-20 days. This leaves family short on things they can’t afford to purchase out of pocket but also can’t afford to go without. We also know that sometimes these same insurances cover the extended cost for items that you barely use and may have a surplus of stored away. Our goal here is to make this unfortunate circumstance work for all involved. Maybe you have a surplus of UN-USED AND UN-OPENED suction catheters that you’re able to donate, whereas another family may have surplus of feeding bags but need suctions catheters. Unknowing to whom donated what, together you both have provided each other with your need by way of donating your UN-USED AND UN-OPENED supplies. As this cycle grows, so does the satisfaction of having your needs met without the added stress of being able to afford or properly supply your child’s medical supplies and needs. WE all need a little assistance at some point, so why not help each other here in our own communities. Donate your UN-OPENED and UN-USED medical equipment and supplies. What you may not need, someone else may me desperate for. A short application, Valid I.D and a letter of medical necessity is all required to take advantage of this program. See the list below of examples of acceptable UN-OPENED and UN-USED supplies and NEW or GENTLY USED EQUIPMENT.

Supply List Example:
Suction catheters – Wheelchairs – Walkers – Suction machines – Toilet Seats – Crutches – Nebulizer Machines – Hospital beds and cribs – Car Seats – Strollers – Kid Carts – Shower chairs – Feeding Machines – Feeding bags – Medical gauze – Drainage gauze -Medical tape – Farrell Bags – Medication syringes – Diapers – Wipes – Blue pads – Trach cleaning kits -Trach ties –